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Resistance Training

Resistance training
Resistance training, applied intelligently, is the single most effective tool to keep you strong and injury free in the long term.

The Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) process gives us a picture of exactly where your weaknesses are.

We use our knowledge of exercise mechanics to design a bespoke resistance training programme that will target those weak muscles precisely.

As you gain strength we increase both the challenge and complexity of the exercises to ensure you continue to progress.

Throughout this time we use MAT for feedback on your muscular system’s response. That way we don’t just think you’re getting stronger, we know you are.

A strong and balanced muscular system underpins every performance goal, no matter what that is.

An intelligently designed and delivered resistance training programme is the most effective way to achieve this.

I started working with Paul eighteen months ago and I can truly say that the experience and outcome has surpassed much more than I had hoped for. I am stronger, I hit a longer, more consistent ball, but foremost I am and have been free of debilitating pain for more than a year now.

Asa Marks, Golfer