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Rehab to Performance Programmes

Our Rehab to Performance programmes are delivered in two formats.

Rehab to Performance Plus
Rehab to Performance Pro

Both programmes are designed to get you strong, injury free and performing better than before.

What’s been your experience so far?

Perhaps you’re having difficulty finding a long term solution to ongoing injuries, aches and pains.

You may have found temporary relief using massage, stretching or foam rolling. As soon as you return to your activities however, so does that familiar pain.

Very frustrating. I get it.

There’s a good reason for this however, everything you’ve tried so far has focused on addressing your symptoms.

Whether you want to run, swim, golf, cycle or lift weights without issues, your muscular system needs to be strong enough to tolerate the forces involved.

This is the underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Both of our programmes are designed with precisely that in mind.

Our goal is not just to return you to your activities, but to help you reach your potential.

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After tearing the ligaments in my ankle 8 years ago, I wasn't able to walk for a day without ankle pain. After 6 weeks of working with Paul, I am now able to walk, run and even play football without pain. The impact of improving my muscular system has been profound.

Hayden WoodCo-Founder Bulb