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Rehab to Performance Pro

Rehab to Performance Pro is an intensive programme for individuals who want to achieve optimal health and performance.

Rehab to Performance Pro

Every session takes place under our expert supervision so you can be sure nothing is left to chance.

In addition we measure and help you improve the key variables that relate to injury rehab success, such as sleep and your current health status.

Not only will your injury be a thing of the past, you’ll experience optimal health and performance as we deliver a complete and remarkable solution.

What’s included:

  • Muscle Activation Techniques / Resistance Training sessions delivered twice weekly at our fully equipped facility.
  • Blood panel to assess liver function, lipid profile and key vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health and performance.
  • Full e-mail support.
  • Additionally we recommend the Ouraring intelligent device for sleep tracking and analysis. There is an additional charge for the ring itself although we provide monitoring as part of the programme.
  • The programme is billed monthly in advance. Please see our pricing page for further details.

Places on this programme are strictly limited. Register your interest here.

Yesterday I went for my 4th 2-mile run without any pain during or after. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough, as far as I’m concerned Muscle Activation Techniques will be the future of injury treatment (and prevention). See him before you see anyone else, chances are it’ll save you a serious amount of time and money.

Dominic McVeighMarketing Manager