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Golf Performance Programme

Hip adductor machine
Resistance training is now an essential component of the modern golf game.

If you want your last drive to be as powerful as your first, you have train to achieve this.

Just going to the gym is not enough however. The golf swing requires many of your joints to move through their entire range of motion.

Your muscular system must be capable of both producing this motion and controlling it if you are to achieve your potential.

Training for golf requires an understanding of the swing and the ability to assess motion and improve it with targeted resistance training. We offer both.

Resistance training applied in this way will not only increase your power and consistency, but also reduce sensations of tightness and discomfort.

The programme is delivered in a choice of three formats.

Sports Performance Online.

Sports Performance Plus.

Sports Performance Pro.

Since working with Paul I've added 30 yards to my driver, my club head speed has gone up 10mph and I can now play 36 holes without pain.

Hayden WoodCo-founder Bulb