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Paul Argent

Paul Argent
BSc (Hons) MATs RTS

We specialise in helping our clients recover from chronic injury and achieve their potential with our unique Rehab to Performance programmes.

Not being able to do the things you love because of limitations, pain and injury sucks. We’ve all been there at one time or another.

Equally frustrating can be the search for answers and a programme that progresses you away from injury, to a stronger body.

We offer a complete solution with our process that combines the revolutionary Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) with an in depth knowledge of resistance training.

Read how this innovative approach has changed many of our client’s lives and view our online reviews.

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muscle activation techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a biomechanical evaluation and treatment process. It’s a revolutionary approach to the muscular system because it addresses issues at their source, reducing pain and improving both strength and performance.

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resistance training

Resistance Training

Resistance training, applied intelligently, is the single most effective tool to get you strong and keep you pain free. We will show you exactly how to use resistance training to recover from injury and optimise your performance.

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rehab to performance programmes

Rehab to Performance Programmes

Not being able to participate in the activities you love can be very frustrating. Equally frustrating can be the search for answers to find the best way forward. We offer a complete solution with our Rehab to Performance Programmes.

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Paul has helped me greatly to understand why I have been subject to persistent injury and instituted programmes for me to correct these long-standing bio-mechanical problems. I feel that ‘everyone should have a Paul Argent’ and that would do more for the health of the nation than all the pills I dish out.

Dr Laurence Watson,NHS General Practitioner

Paul’s treatments and optimism have changed my life.

Karin Yiannakou,Urban Designer

I started seeing Paul in late January 2015 and yesterday I went for my 4th 2-mile run without any pain during or after. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough, as far as I’m concerned Muscle Activation Techniques will be the future of injury treatment (and prevention). See him before you see anyone else, chances are it’ll save you a serious amount of time and money.

Dominic McVeigh, Marketing Manager

I started working with Paul eighteen months ago and I can truly say that the experience and outcome has surpassed much more than I had hoped for. I am stronger, I hit a longer, more consistent ball, but foremost I am and have been free of debilitating pain for more than a year now.

Asa Marks, Golfer