Stop papering over the cracks and get a survey done.

By September 13, 2017Rehabilitation, Training

Imagine you have a problem with your house, large cracks keep appearing in the wall.

Cracks in a building

As fast as you can plaster over them, another one appears in a different room. ¬†At first they were in the bedroom but now you’re noticing new ones appearing in the kitchen and the bathroom.

What do you do? Keep plastering over them? Or ask a surveyor to take a look and investigate the problem in more detail?

I’m not a civil engineer but I guess you’d take the matter seriously and get a survey done.

Let’s say the survey is completed and unluckily for you, the results show the foundations the house are built on aren’t stable.

Now what? Stock up on more plaster, paint and wallpaper? Or face the reality that you need some serious work done on the foundations of your house?

The strange thing here is that nobody would choose the former when the risk to, what for most people is their biggest investment, is so large. In the case of our bodies this is what we consistently do however.

Taking pain killers in order to play sport, corticosteroid injections, wearing orthotics, even stretching, are all equivalent to papering over the cracks.

None of them address the underlying cause of the issue, they’re simply concerned with removing the symptom.

Whilst some people would see their house as their biggest asset, to me it’s your health. The house is largely meaningless if you’re in pain and can’t mow the lawn or play with your kids.

Stop papering over the cracks and get a survey done. Find out exactly why you can’t participate in your favourite activities, or even sit at your desk without issues by booking a free Discovery Session.

You can always buy another house but this body you’re in needs to serve you for a life time. Get it right and enjoy an active life again.