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Resistance Training

Now that you’re moving better with fewer compensations and less pain, it’s time to add resistance. This will make you stronger, more resilient and improve your performance in the long term.

The Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) process gives us an exact picture of where your weaknesses are. We use our knowledge of exercise mechanics to direct force exactly where it will benefit you most.

Testing enables us to be precise about the amount of resistance we use. Too much and we risk inhibiting the target tissue, too little and there’s no stimulus for change. Exercise must be at the perfect level to optimise your results.

This approach removes the guesswork from this critical phase of the injury rehab process as we incorporate more complex exercises as and when you’re ready.

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I started working with Paul eighteen months ago and I can truly say that the experience and outcome has surpassed much more than I had hoped for. I am stronger, I hit a longer, more consistent ball, but foremost I am and have been free of debilitating pain for more than a year now.

Asa Marks, Golfer