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Rehab to Performance Programmes

Our Rehab to Performance programmes are delivered in three formats,

Rehab to Performance Plus
Rehab to Performance Pro
Rehab to Performance Online

All three programmes are designed to progress you to the ultimate goal of becoming stronger, injury free and understanding how to stay that way.

What’s been your experience so far?

It was my experience and is likely yours, that it’s very difficult to find a long term solution to chronic injuries, aches and pains.

Sure you can get temporary relief from your symptoms by using massage, stretching or foam rolling. As soon as you go back to doing the activities you enjoy however, the pain returns.

Very frustrating. I get it.

There is however a very good reason for this, everything you’ve tried so far is only addressing your symptoms.

Whether you want to run, swim, golf, cycle or lift weights without issues, your muscular system needs to be strong enough to tolerate the forces involved.

It’s this that provides the long term solution to both recovering from injury and preventing it from happening in the future.

All three of our programmes are designed with precisely that in mind.

Whatever programme you decide to choose, you can be confident each one has been designed and thoroughly tested to get you stronger, injury free and back to the activities you love.

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After tearing the ligaments in my ankle 8 years ago, I wasn't able to walk for a day without ankle pain. After 6 weeks of working with Paul, I am now able to walk, run and even play football without pain. The impact of improving my muscular system has been profound.

Hayden WoodCo-Founder Bulb