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Rehab to Performance Online

Our online programme features the same level of insight and attention to detail that our other programmes do. The only difference is, we can deliver the results you want wherever you are in the world.

Here’s how it works.

As with our in person format, everything starts with a Discovery Session. Here we have a discussion on Skype about your history, your present situation and your goals.

We then take an in depth assessment of your muscular system with a range of motion exam directed via your computer’s camera. This will give us both a clear indication where your current limitations are and how we may be able to help you.

If we’re both happy to proceed we arrange a monthly 60 min Skype session to work on the limitations we find and a 30 min check in to assess your progress in the intervening period.

You’ll receive a programme of isometrics tailored to your individual weaknesses which we’ll coach you through during our sessions.

When appropriate we’ll progress you to a bespoke gym programme. This will include exclusive video content showing you precisely how to carry out the exercises in the most effective way possible.

Here’s what Wes in Perth had to say about the programme.

“I went to quite a few recommended physios and they all literally gave me the exact same exercises. I tried to tell them that I had pain and they suggested ‘do more of the same’. What is different about this programme is that it’s designed for my particular issues which has made a big difference.

Paul is a very positive person who genuinely wants to see you get back to a pain free life and pursuing your goals whatever they may be. It’s great to have him in my corner.”

Wes Hodgson Perth, Australia.

What’s included.

  • 60 min Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) session delivered monthly via Skype.
  • 30 min Skype call mid month to ensure you are making progress.
  • Home based programme of isometrics on clear PDF documents, progressing to gym based exercise with exclusive video content.
  • E-mail support.

This programme is billed monthly in advance. Please see our prices page for details.

So much of what Paul does makes perfect sense. Pain I've had for years has now gone and the big differential of MAT is that it will stop it coming back.

Jessica WalkerLawyer