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Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a biomechanically based, neuromuscular assessment and treatment process.

It’s a revolutionary approach to treating the muscular system because it identifies issues at their source.

Whilst most other treatment approaches focus on reducing tension in the muscular system, MAT looks deeper to find the underlying cause of that tension, specific muscle weakness.

Injury causes changes to the muscular system which must addressed directly.

Injury and even too much exercise can impact the ability of muscles to contract effectively. This is primarily a communication issue between the muscle itself and the central nervous system.

These areas of muscle weakness are the reason why you haven’t made a satisfactory recovery from injury and why you suffer from muscle tightness and instability around certain joints.

MAT is highly successful at locating these weak muscle and improving their function.

This is significant because not only does it lead to improvements in strength and performance in the short term, it also informs the design of your resistance training programme for long term change.

Read how MAT has transformed many of our client’s lives here.

Paul’s treatments and optimism have changed my life.

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